Hexagon Flange Locknuts

Hexagon flange locknuts are six-sided internally threaded fasteners with a washer-like flange built onto them. This flange features a built-in locking component to save time on installation as they do not require a separate flat washer. Metric hex flange nuts are used to apply a clamp load on an object and are intentionally designed to prevent loosening during normal operations.

When you need metric hexagon flange locknuts, you need Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. We maintain an extensive inventory of hex flange locknuts and other metric nuts to meet the needs of any job site with volume discounts on large orders. Explore our catalog to learn more about our offerings, and call 888-966-MMCC with any questions.

Metric Hex Flange Nuts for Industrial Applications

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. supplies several types of hexagon flange locknuts: flange torque locknuts, flange locknuts with nylon inserts, serrated flange locknuts, and ribbed flange locknuts.
No matter your selected configuration, flange locknuts should not be installed with any power tools. The increased friction can damage the thread, causing an undesirable situation where the nut becomes seized onto the external thread, or the locking element is damaged.

Hexagon Flange Torque Nuts

Hexagon flange torque nuts are in stock and ready to ship. We offer options made from zinc-plated steel or stainless steel, in sizes from M6 to M20, and various pitches to match your application’s requirements. Hex flange torque nuts are an ideal solution for assemblies requiring a nonfailing connection between two components.

Ribbed Hex Flange Nuts

Available with a black or zinc-plated finish, ribbed hexagon flange nuts are ideal for high-vibration assemblies. They feature ribbing along the flange surface, increasing the fastener’s grip and preventing loosening during normal operations. Size options include components from M5 through M16.

Serrated Hexagon Flange Locknuts

As shown by the name, serrated hex flange locknuts feature a serrated flange to penetrate the mating surface when tightened, increasing the fastener’s grip. This locking effect prevents loosening for enhanced performances. MMCC offers options with black or zinc-plated finishes, pitches from 0.8 to 2, and sizes from M5 to M16.

Hex Flange Nuts with Nylon Inserts

Hexagon flange nuts with nylon inserts are ideal for an extensive range of applications. While they create a comprehensive seal against gas and moisture, nylon hex flange locknuts should not be used in assemblies requiring high temperatures and certain chemicals. We offer options from size M5 through M16.

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