Thread Repair Inserts & Blind Rivet Nuts

There are many different types of thread repair inserts and Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. provides a variety of thread inserts and thread repair inserts in metric sizes. Some inserts require a tapped hole while other inserts can be installed into an unthreaded hole.

Application of Thread Inserts 

The type of insert you might need will depend upon the material it is being installed into and the load that it needs to withstand. Thread inserts can be used to replace a damaged or stripped thread or can be used in new applications where using a threaded insert is preferable to using a tapped hole. Blind Rivet Nuts are tubular rivets with an internally threaded hole. These nutsy are generally used in applications where a load bearing thread is required and the material is not suitable for tapping. Blind rivet nuts only require access to one side of the material for installation; blind rivet nuts are inserted into a hole and compressed or squeezed to lock it in place. Blind rivet nuts come in many different shapes, styles, sizes and materials.

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