Threaded Taper Pins

Threaded Taper Pins are round pins that the diameter uniformly increases along the length of the pin and have a thread at the large end. They can have either an internal or external thread.

Threaded Taper Pins are used in tapered holes where there is only access to one side of the hole. They can be used to aid in critical alignments since the small end of the pin is inserted first it can pass into a hole that is not exactly aligned and as the diameter of the pin increases it forces the two holes to become exactly aligned. Threaded Taper Pins can also be used on assemblies that are expected to be disassembled and reassembled more frequently since they are generally easier to install and remove than dowel pins or spring tension pins.

Metric taper pins have a 1:50 taper which means that for every 50mm in length the diameter increases by 1mm. The nominal size is the diameter of the small end on the pin.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. supplies DIN 7977 Externally Threaded Taper Pins and DIN 7978 Internally Threaded Taper Pins.

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