Socket Head Cap Screws

Socket head cap screws are threaded fasteners with a cylindrical head and a recessed hexagon drive. Also known as Allen head screws, cap screws are turned using a hexagon-shaped key and can be tightened to much higher torque specifications than a crossed recessed or slotted drive fastener. They are often used in applications with insufficient clearance for a fastener with an external hexagon head.

Find the Socket Head Cap Screw you Need

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. is the premier supplier of DIN 912 hexagon socket head cap screws for industrial manufacturers. We offer discount pricing for high-volume orders to help you make the most of your budget. Explore our extensive catalog to find your best metric solution, or call 888-966-MMCC to speak to a representative and receive assistance navigating your options.

For more information about our metric socket head cap screws, view our Socket Head Cap Screws 912 DIN/ISO Dimensions spec sheet and catalog.

DIN 912 Socket Head Cap Screws to Match Your Specifications

Cap screws add many benefits to industrial and commercial assemblies. Fewer socket head cap screws are needed to achieve the same clamping force in a joint compared to ordinary fasteners. The lower number of screws leads to a weight reduction in the finished product. As fewer screws are necessary for a given job, fewer holes are required to be drilled and tapped.

Metric & Multistandard is dedicated to providing the metric components you need to complete your job on time. Our extensive inventory of socket head cap screws means we have the right materials, sizes, and specifications for your project’s unique requirements.

Socket Head Cap Screws with Fine-Thread 

DIN 912 fine-thread hexagon socket head cap screws are available in Property Class 12.9. Other materials are offered on request. Featuring a plain steel finish, fine-thread cap screws are in-stock in many sizes and lengths to fit your application’s requirements.

Socket Head Cap Screws with Coarse-Thread 

DIN 912 coarse-thread cap screws are available in a variety of lengths and sizes to match your requirements. We offer options with a plain or zinc-plated finish and made from several materials:
  • Property Class 8.8
  • Property Class 10.9
  • Property Class 12.9
  • A4 Stainless Steel
  • A2 Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum

Socket Head Cap Screws with Full-Thread 

Some assemblies require longer threads than offered by standard socket head cap screw options. To meet these needs, we provide full-thread cap screws made from Property Class 12.9 or other materials upon request. Many sizes and lengths are available, so explore our massive inventory and start your order today!

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