Socket Screw Fasteners

Socket screws, also referred to as set screws or grub screws, are threaded fasteners with a recessed drive, often called a hex socket or hexagon socket. These high-quality threaded fasteners are installed by using a hexagon-shaped key and can be tightened to higher torque specifications than a crossed recessed or slotted drive fastener.

Metric & Multistandard is your premier wholesale distributor of set screws along with many other metric fasteners or industrial components. We have built our business through our immediate product availability, outstanding customer service, and superior technical knowledge and support to find you the set screw or other fastener required for your application.

High-Quality Industrial Socket Set Screw Options

Socket Head Cap Screws

Coarse, fine, and full thread socket head cap screws are offered in a range of materials and sizes. Our coarse DIN 912 socket screws are available in 8.8, 10.9, and 12.9 property classes.

Button Head Cap Screws

Our button socket head cap screw inventory includes ISO 7380 button socket head cap screws available in property class 10.9, steel, and A2 or A4 stainless steel. We also carry ISO 7380-2 button flange socket head cap screws in property class 10.9 and A2 stainless steel.

Flat Socket Head Cap Screws

Flat socket head cap screws, to DIN 7991 specifications, are available in property class 10.9 plain steel and with a zinc finish as well as A2 and A4 stainless steel.

Socket Head Shoulder Bolts

ISO 7379 socket head shoulder bolts are ideal for high transverse loads. These socket bolts are available in property class 12.9 and 304 stainless steel options.

Low Head Socket Cap Screws

Low head socket cap screws are available in DIN 6912 and DIN 7984 options and are ideal for applications with clearance issues where regular socket head cap screws cannot be used.

Socket Flange-Lock Screws

DIN 251FL socket flange-lock screws penetrate the mating surface and prevent fasteners from loosening during use. Our socket flange-lock screws are available in a wide range of lengths and sizes ranging from M5 to M12.

Hexagon Socket Set Screws

We stock four different styles of hexagon socket set screws, including DIN 916 cup point screws, DIN 913 flat point screws, DIN 914 cone point screws, and DIN 915 dog point screws. Custom options with brass or nylon tips are available by request.

Set Screw Features & Specifications

Metric & Multistandard is proud to offer the widest range of metric socket screws in the US. Our inventory of industrial grub screws features:
  • Sizes from M1.6 to M48
  • Property classes 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, and others
  • Fine thread and coarse thread socket head cap screw options
  • Material options, including A2 and A4 stainless steel and hardened steel.

Industrial Applications for Grub Screws

Socket set screws are often used in applications with insufficient clearance to use a fastener with an external hexagon head. They are well-suited for projects requiring flush installations and an aesthetically pleasing final product, such as:
  • Pulley systems
  • Furniture assemblies
  • Handles and grips
  • Machine assemblies
  • And much, much more.

Your Experienced Distributor of Wholesale Set Screws

Metric and Multistandard Components Corp. is the oldest and most experienced wholesale distributor of metric fasteners and industrial components. We currently stock and are ready to ship over 48,000 high-quality metric industrial components from all five of our locations. Our sales staff is technically trained to thoroughly understand the metric fasteners and industrial components that we sell.

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