British Tools and Fasteners

Cars, equipment, and assemblies manufactured before 1974 in the United Kingdom will be built with British fasteners. While many outfits have since replaced British tools with metric components, certain assemblies will use British sizes, and it is critical to ensure all parts within your assembly follow the same measurements.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. is here to help. Since opening our doors in 1963, we have been the go-to British tool and fastener supplier. We ensure you have the British fasteners you need to complete your job on time and in budget with volume discounts on bulk orders. Request a quote today.

British Tools, Wrenches, and Fasteners Available in Bulk

At Metric & Multistandard, we’ve built our business on our vast catalog of products and expert sourcing capabilities. We work with a network of global suppliers and are dedicated to delivering the British fasteners, tools, and wrenches you need to complete your assembly. Call 888-966-MMCC or contact us to learn more about your options.

British Fasteners

Similar to American fasteners, British fastener diameters are measured in inches, with the thread pitch measured in threads per inch. There are four commonly used systems of measurement: BSW (British Standard Whitworth), BSF (British Standard Fine), BA (British Association), and BSC (British Standard Cycle). Our vast inventory of British fasteners includes options to meet each of these standards, including:

British Wrenches

British wrenches, sockets, and wrench sets are designed to install, adjust, or remove British fasteners from your assembly. British wrenches from Metric & Multistandard are manufactured from high-quality chrome vanadium steel to provide long-lasting operational capacities. Many configurations are available:

British Tools for Cutting & Measuring

Despite the majority of industries moving to metric components, British pipe sizes are still in use today in equipment that is manufactured overseas. Metric & Multistandard has the British tools you need, the excellent service you deserve, and the expertise required to manage increasingly complex supply chains. We offer:

Metric and Multistandard Components Corp.

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