British Fasteners & Tools

British Fasteners can be found on a lot of cars and equipment manufactured in the United Kingdom before 1974. Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. has been helping people with British fasteners since Metric & Multistandard opened for business in 1963.

Industrial British Fasteners, Cutting Tools and Threaded Gages

British Fasteners are sized similar to American fasteners with the diameter being measured in inches and the thread pitch measured as threads per inch. There are four commonly used systems of measurement for British fasteners: BSW (British Standard Whitworth), BSF (British Standard Fine), BA (British Association), and BSC (British Standard Cycle). Metric & Multistandard can help you identify the correct size and provide you with fasteners, cutting tools, and thread gages.

British pipe sizes are still being used today in equipment that is manufactured overseas. Metric & Multistandard carries fittings, cutting tools, and gages for BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel), and BSPT (British Standard Pipe Tapered).

Metric and Multistandard Components Corp.

Metric and Multistandard Components Corp. is the oldest and most experienced wholesale distributor of Metric Fasteners and industrial components.  Metric & Multistandard stocks over 48,000 high-quality metric industrial components at all five of our locations.  Metric & Multistandard sales staff is technically trained to thoroughly understand the metric fasteners and industrial components that we sell.  Please click request a quote here.  To speak to a sales representative and learn more about Threaded Fasteners, please select one of our 5 locations below to contact us.