Prices are based on quantities specified and are quoted F.O.B. our warehouses – Hawthorne, NY – Burr Ridge, IL – Irving, TX – Norcross, GA – Sparks, NV. All prices are subject to revision without notice.
Quantity Discounts
Each item in ePrice will indicate your potential savings at various quantity levels.
Minimum Quantities
Minimum purchase quantities vary by item — often depending upon line-item value and/or manufacturer's packaging.
Minimum billing is $35.00. Reasonable small lot orders will be increased in quantity to cover this amount whenever possible.
Sales Tax
If your purchase should be Sales Tax exempt, please indicate so and provide a copy of your valid certificate. Otherwise, Sales Tax will be added to your bill where applicable.
We reserve the right to ship C.O.D. or Prepaid by Check or Credit Card until credit satisfactory to us is established through furnishing of references or other evidence of financial responsibility. Merchandise will be shipped to new accounts on an open account status if a satisfactory rating in D&B is available. If, in our judgment, an account becomes inactive through non-use or payments that are slow on a regular basis, we reserve the right to revert that account to C.O.D. status.
1% 15 days, Net 30 days – from date of invoice. We allow a 1% cash discount on the total merchandise bill value – EXCLUSIVE OF SHIPPING CHARGES AND SALES TAX (where applicable).
All orders receive first day attention. Stock items are normally shipped the same day.
A wide variety of shipping methods are available to you. If no specific instructions are furnished to us, we shall ship according to our best judgment. United Parcel Service may be able to handle most small orders. If shipping weight exceeds 200lbs., then trucking or Air Freight may be more economical, depending on your requirements. All shipments will be insured, as a part of the shipping charge.
Defective or incorrectly shipped merchandise promptly returned to us will be replaced or the purchase price for the defective merchandise will be refunded.

STOCK ITEMS. Material returned to our warehouse within 14 days in its original condition will be accepted for credit, subject to our receiving and inspecting and less a restocking charge if no fault of Metric & Multistandard. All returns must be accompanied by the invoice number and must be freight prepaid. Otherwise, no goods can be returned without prior written consent.

ITEMS NOT LISTED IN CATALOG. If goods are supplied to purchaser specifications we have the right to supply 10% more or less than the quantity ordered. Such an order cannot be canceled without our prior consent in writing and such merchandise is not returnable except if not conforming to your order.

Please contact our sales department.
Exclusion of warranty of merchantability, exclusions of warranty of fitness for particular purpose and of other responsibilities: Descriptions and information in this Catalog are based on information obtained from our suppliers or from other sources and state only our opinion based thereon, without any responsibility on our part. They are neither a representation nor warranty. All merchandise, descriptions and information are to be carefully examined by the buyer and user by knowledgeable persons before their use.

There are no warranties of merchantability, nor warranties of fitness for particular purpose, nor any other express or implied representations nor warranties, and, except to the extent prohibited by applicable law, we shall not be responsible for consequential nor any other damages, except that defective or incorrectly shipped merchandise promptly returned to us will either replaced or the purchase price will be refunded by us. Nothing contained herein, in our confirmations of orders, bills, publications, acts and/or communications should be interpreted as an assumption of any greater responsibility on our part and we neither assume nor is any person, representative or agent authorized to assume any greater responsibility or obligation on our part than stated above.

 -Terms of Purchase-

In accepting this contract, you the vendor agrees to furnish goods and/or services in accordance with complete specifications, terms and conditions while conforming to all applicable international, national, state, and local laws in an ethically and environmentally responsible manner.