Hydraulic and Pneumatic Tubes & Fittings

Metric and Multistandard can supply a wide variety of metric tubing and the fittings that are used to connect them. Metric & Multistandard has hydraulic tubing in steel, stainless steel, copper and brass. Metric has the compression type fittings for the hydraulic tubing. Metric & Multistandard can supply hydraulic hose, with the sockets and nipples used with it. Metric also has a complete line of pneumatic tubing in nylon, polyurethane, and Teflon, along with push-type fittings to be used with those.

Industrial Metric Tubing and Fitting Combinations 

A complete listing of all of the metric tubing and fittings can be found in the Metric & Multistandard catalog available on our website. You can find a complete description of what is the Metric & Multistandard product line, along with technical information to assist in ordering the correct combination of metric tubing and fittings. You can also call our sales department in any of our five locations for help in getting the tubing and fittings that you need.

Metric and Multistandard Components Corp.

Metric and Multistandard Components Corp. is the oldest and most experienced wholesale distributor of Metric Fasteners and industrial components.  Metric & Multistandard stocks over 48,000 high-quality metric industrial components at all five of our locations.  Metric & Multistandard sales staff is technically trained to thoroughly understand the metric fasteners and industrial components that we sell.  Please click HERE to request a quote.  To speak to a sales representative and learn more about Threaded Fasteners please select one of our 5 locations below to contact us.