Metric Hydraulic Hose Nipples

Hydraulic hose nipples are used to connect hydraulic hose to either a hydraulic fitting or to a piece of equipment. They are used along with a hydraulic hose socket to connect to the ends of hydraulic hose and make up a hose assembly. Metric & Multistandard can supply a full range of metric hose nipples for both of the above applications.

The metric hydraulic hose nipples listed in the Metric & Multistandard’s catalog must be matched with the correct socket and hose in order to function properly. Each socket and nipple has a specific hose that they are designed to work with. There is a choice on the nipples as to whether they will screw onto an hydraulic fitting or else screw directly into equipment or a bulkhead.

The Metric & Multistandard catalog lists the metric hydraulic nipples that are available. The catalog designates which hydraulic sockets are to be used with which nipples, and also which type and size of tubing they are designed for. It is imperative that all three pieces are correctly purchased together so that the final metric hose assembly will work as intended.

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