Hydraulic Unions

Hydraulic tubing often needs to be connected together with other pieces of hydraulic tubing. This is accomplished by the use of hydraulic unions. Metric & Multistandard carries compression type unions to accomplish the joining together of two or more pieces of hydraulic tubing. The compression fittings have a nut and sleeve, or ferrule, on each end. The fitting is to be placed over the ends of the tubing, the nut is tightened which compresses the sleeve, and the connection between lengths of tubing is sealed and completed.

We Stock Four Types of Hydraulic Unions

They are straight, elbow, tee and cross unions. The straight unions are for two pieces of hydraulic tubing to be joined together the same direction. The elbow unions join two pieces of tubing together at a 90 degree angle. The tee unions join three pieces of tubing together at 90 degree angles from each other. The cross unions join four pieces of tubing together at 90 degree angles.

Hydraulic unions are available in Steel with zinc plating, A4 (316) Stainless Steel, and in Brass. Hydraulic unions come in three pressure ratings, depending upon the diameter and thickness of the tubing they are connecting. The ratings are LL for light pressure, L for medium pressure, and L for heavy pressure.

Technical details, dimensions and further information for the hydraulic unions can be found in the Tubing & Fittings section of the Metric & Multistandard catalog.

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