Metric Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic hose is used instead of hydraulic tubing in many applications where flexibility in required. It may because the hose has to be routed around something or else because there will be some movement of the items that are connected. Metric & Multistandard can supply a wide range of metric hydraulic hose with different diameters and pressure ratings.

Metric hydraulic hose is supplied in four types. There is single fiber braid, double fiber braid, single wire braid and double wire braid. The “braid” is inside of the hose rubber and is what gives strength to the hydraulic hose. The pressure rating increases in order on each of the above types. The pressure ratings for the available hydraulic hoses are listed on the Metric & Multistandard catalog page that can be located on our web site.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. sells hydraulic hose by the meter. When inquiring or ordering it is important to tell the Metric sales representative what length or lengths you need. There may be a minimum length for a roll that is required for us to be able to order the hose.

Hydraulic hose is used with hydraulic hose sockets and nipples in order to make up hose assemblies. The sockets and nipples must be matched up correctly in order for an assembly to fit together and maintain the proper pressure rating. It is important to check the pages for hydraulic hose and hose fittings in the Metric & Multistandard catalog to make sure that the correct combination is asked for.

Metric and Multistandard Components Corp.

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