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When it comes to construction, Metric & Multistandard understands the importance of using fasteners that are durable and capable of performing under extreme stress. We supply a variety of metric fasteners for all types of construction applications, including but not limited to:
  • Woodworking
  • Drywall
  • Masonry
  • Metal
  • Roads & bridges
With over 50 years of industry experience, MMCC is committed to providing our customers with high quality fasteners at competitive prices. We offer a wide selection of screws, rivets, and nuts & bolts specially designed and manufactured to meet stringent industry standards.   

Heavy Duty Construction Fasteners

The types of fasteners used in construction varies widely. All of our products are available in a range of materials and sizes. Popular fastening solutions for construction applications include:

Threaded Rods Construction Fasteners

Typically used to install drop ceilings in new buildings, threaded rods are designed to withstand intense tension and vibration. MMCC offers the most comprehensive range of metric threaded rods in the US, available in a variety of property classes.

Structural Hex Bolts Construction Fasteners

Structural hex bolts have a larger head and a shorter thread length than a regular hex head cap screw. These fasteners are typically used for the structural connections of buildings and bridges or in tandem with other fasteners. We offer structural hex bolts in a variety of lengths. We also supply the nuts and washers.

Specialty Screws Construction Fasteners

Specialty screws are designed to serve unique functions. We offer a range of options, from stainless steel designs to heavy duty lifting ring bolts ideal for lifting large equipment. With our wide selection of styles, you are guaranteed to find the right screws for your construction project.

Selecting the Right Fastener for Your Construction Project

Refer to the following for common considerations to keep in mind when selecting the appropriate fastener for your application requirements:
  • Application material
    • Whether you’re working with wood, metal, or concrete, different materials will require different fastening solutions
  • Fastener material
    • Our fasteners are available in a variety of materials and grades, each with their own set of advantages
  • Environment
    • Is your site exposed to things like extreme heat, vibration, or harsh chemicals? Some fasteners are better suited to certain environments than others
  • Accessibility
    • Consider the space you’re working in. This may affect which type of fastener is compatible with the kinds of tools you’re able to use
If you are unsure what type of fastener is best suited to your needs, call us at 888-966-MMCC. Our experienced sales team is available to answer any questions you may have.

Trusted Provider of Metric Construction Fasteners

MMCC is your source for high quality fasteners at competitive prices. Whether you want a scheduled yearly supply or a one-time custom order, we can ensure your needs are met. We offer blanket orders and fast turnaround times on all domestic and international shipments. For more information regarding our selection of metric fasteners, contact a location nearest you.