Specialty Screw Fasteners

If you are looking for unique, uncommon metric screws, we stock a wide selection of specialty screws. Specialty fasteners include a variety of threaded fastener options that meet DIN, ISO, DIS, and ASTM standards. Our specialty screw inventory includes:
  • Square Head Set Screws
  • Wing Screws
  • Lifting Ring Bolts
  • Precision Swing Eye Bolts
  • Articulated Rod Ends
  • Tee Head Screws
  • Carriage Bolts
  • Flat Countersunk Nib Bolts
  • Turnbuckles
  • U Bolts
  • Hanger Bolts
  • Knurled Head Screws
  • Twelve Point Flange Screws
While our precision specialty screws are used across a wide range of industries, many specialty screws serve a unique purpose/application use.

Metric and Multistandard stocks high-quality specialty screws available in various worldwide standards, sizes, and finishes. As an ISO certified metric fastener distributor, we supply heavy-duty, high-performance specialty fasteners with quick shipping across the US.

Call us at 888-966-6622 or request a quote. Our metric fastener experts can help you find the right unique specialty screws for your application requirements. 

Industrial Specialty Screws

Square Head Set Screws

We stock DIN 479 square head screws with short dog point. Also called square head set screws, these screws are ideal for leveling projects as an adjustment set screw.
  • Square head set screws are resistant to cam-out
    • Cam-out occurs when the bit slips in the head screw when the screw is driven into materials
    • Cam-out is ok for industrial applications but poses issues in woodworking.

Wing Screws

Our inventory of DIN 316 wing screws includes brass, steel, and A2 304 stainless steel options. Wing thumb screws have a winged head, offering an easy grip for hand fastening and tuning. Wing screws allow for quick assembly by hand, making them a versatile fastener option for a wide range of applications.

Lifting Ring Bolts

Ideal for lifting, metric lifting ring bolts have a fully threaded shank that can add lift points to vertical loads. We stock lifting ring bolts in A2 304 stainless steel and C15 steel options.
  • Suitable for a wide range of industries including foodservice, construction, and industrial machinery.

Metric and Multistandard Components Corp.

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