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Hexagon Flange Lock Bolts

Hexagon Flange Lock Bolts are a hexagon bolt with a washer like flange built onto the head that will lock itself in place when tightened.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. carries two different styles of hexagon flange locking screws. The difference between the two types of fasteners is the configuration of the locking feature on the flange. One style has a serrated flange and the other style has a ribbed flange.

W151FL has a serrated locking flange. The teeth of the serrated flange bolt will penetrate into the mating surface when tightened which will help to prevent the fastener from backing itself out. When the fastener is removed the teeth will shear off the material that they have penetrated into.

W158FL has a ribbed locking flange. The ribs on the flange also penetrate into the mating surface when tightened to help lock the fastener in place. When the ribbed flange bolt is removed it typically leaves less damage behind on the mating surface than the serrated flange bolt.

It will depend on each individual application on which one style of locking flange is better to use than the other.

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