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Non-Threaded Fasteners

Metric non-threaded fasteners from Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. are available in many materials and sizes. These metric fasteners can be used with or without a threaded fastener to meet the specifications of any industrial application.
If you are unsure which non-threaded fasteners best suit your needs, Metric & Multistandard will help identify the best non-threaded fastener to fill your requirements and exceed your expectations.

Wholesale Non-Threaded Fasteners

Metric Washers

Metric & Multistandard carries a wide variety of non-threaded metric washers, including:
  • Non-Threaded Metric Flat Washers. These metric washers help distribute loads evenly onto the bearing surface and are available in a wide range of thicknesses, sizes, and materials.
  • Non-Threaded Metric Lock Washers. Lock washers are ideally used as a locking source for fasteners. We stock many configurations to meet any application’s specifications.
  • Non-Threaded Metric Disc Spring Washers. Featuring a conical shape, our disc spring washers are ideal for preloading a fastener, vibration absorption, and machinery manufacturing purposes.
  • Non-Threaded Metric Conical Washers. Conical washers provide force distribution and vibration absorption. These washers are available in hardened steel or stainless steel (SS).

Pins & Rings

Our selection of non-threaded metric pins and non-threaded metric rings is one of the largest in the nation, comprised of products such as:
  • Non-Threaded Metric Precision Dowel Pins. Precision dowel pins are ideal for assisting with alignment issues. They are commonly used in places where a threaded fastener is undesirable and come in sizes ranging from M1 to M20.
  • Non-Threaded Metric Spring Tension Pins. Also known as slotted spring pins, spring tension pins are made from spring steel. These slotted pins are are used in machinery and are available in light-, medium-, or heavy-duty options.
  • Non-Threaded Metric Cotter Pins. Also known as split pins, cotter pins are unthreaded fasteners inserted into a hole to secure an object in place. Our DIN 94 cotter pins are typically used in safety applications and come in stainless steel (SS) or unhardened carbon steel.
  • Non-Threaded Metric Retaining Rings. Retaining rings hold components in place, preventing movement between parts within an assembly. Retaining rings are often used in a recess to retain shafts or bearings and are available in steel or stainless steel (SS).

Shafts, Rods & Collars

We stock a wide range of metric shafts, rods, and collars for any industrial application. Our tool steel is easily cut and reworked to fulfill your specific requirements. Our inventory includes:

Sealing Rings

Our selection of non-threaded sealing rings provides a mechanical seal when pressed between two flat surfaces. These non-threaded fasteners can be made of various materials, including copper, aluminum, and plastic. Your choice of material will vary depending on the surfaces or components sealed together and the application’s environment.

Rivets, Balls & Chains

We stock steel rivets, precision balls, and power transmission roller chains. These non-threaded fasteners can be made from steel, aluminum, stainless steel (SS), or copper to meet your exact specifications or mil-spec guidelines. Our inventory of rivets, balls and chains is available in both inch and metric sizes, ranging from 1mm to 65mm (.0394” to 2.559”).

Non-Threaded Fasteners for Industrial Applications

Non-threaded fasteners and metric washers are used in virtually every industry. They are an easily installed solution when applications require joining one material to another. Our non-threaded fastener inventory provides durable and high-quality solutions for applications within:
  • Aeronautics
  • Automotive
  • Industrial machinery manufacturing
  • Commercial manufacturing
  • And many, many more.

Your Industry-Leading Supplier of Bulk Non-Threaded Fasteners

Metric and Multistandard Components Corp. is the oldest and most experienced wholesale distributor of metric fasteners and industrial components. We currently stock and are ready to ship over 48,000 high-quality metric industrial components from all five of our locations. Our sales staff is technically trained to thoroughly understand the metric fasteners and industrial components that we sell.

Request a quote to get started. To speak to a sales representative and learn more about our threaded fasteners, please select one of our five locations to contact us:

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