Square Rod

Metric square rods are lengths of precision metal bars with a square cross section. The nominal size of square rod is equal to the width across the flats. Made of solid metal and available manufactured from hot rolled steel or cold rolled steel, square rods provide reliable performances in any industrial metric assembly.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. is dedicated to being your full-service distributor of metric square steel rods. We can supply DIN 178 square rod in steel in various thicknesses and widths to match your specifications. For more information on our available square bar and to find additional specifications, visit our product catalog or call 888-966-MMCC to speak with a representative directly.

Hot Rolled Steel Square Bar vs. Cold Rolled Steel Square Bar

Precision square rod is available made from hot rolled or cold rolled steel. Which is best will depend on your requirements and specifications for your order:
  • Hot rolled square steel bar tends to be the more cost-effective option. It features fast manufacturing turnarounds, good malleability, and increased ductility and durability. It is usually used in structural components, metal buildings, automotive frames, and similar.
  • Cold rolled steel rod takes longer to produce but results in a high-quality steel bar with a highly finished surface and close tolerances. It is used in precision applications, is harder and stronger than hot rolled steel bar, and is highly resistant to deformation. It’s a good choice for home appliances, metal furniture, aerospace components, and more.

Precision Square Rods for Any Application

Square steel rods are an ideal solution across a variety of industries. They are commonly used in agriculture, oil and gas, defense, and many other sectors. Examples of applications that use square steel bars include:

Enhance Your Assembly with High-Quality Metric Steel Bars & Metal Bars

In addition to precision square steel rods, a variety of other metric metal bars can improve the performance of your final assembly or construction. Metric & Multistandard is prepared to support any need. In addition to our metric square bars, we also offer:No matter your requirements, we are ready to supply your best metric solution. Explore our available stock and begin your order today!

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