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Metric Fastening Pins & Ring Fasteners

Industrial metric pins are a type of non-threaded fastener that can be used to hold material together or hold an item in place. They are often used in areas where applying a threaded fastener is impossible or undesirable. Industrial ring fasteners are used on a shaft or in a hole to hold assemblies in place. Both pin fasteners and ring fasteners are available in many different styles, sizes, and materials.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. is proud to be your top supplier of metric pins, ring fasteners, and other non-threaded fastener solutions. We offer wholesale pricing and same-day shipping, with most orders arriving within two business days. Between our five stocking locations in the US and our purchasing office in Germany, we are confident that we can provide the exact metric ring or fastening pin you require.

Ready-to-Ship Wholesale Pin & Ring Fasteners

The requirements for fastening pins and rings can vary depending on if your customer is asking for an ISO standard or a DIN standard. Metric & Multistandard has the technical knowledge to identify the correct standard and provide you with the correct pin or ring fastener. Our extensive inventory contains many styles, configurations, and materials, such as:
  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Hardened alloy steel
  • And more!

Precision Dowel Pins & Hardened Dowel Pins

Precision dowel pins and precision hardened dowel pins hold items in place or secure material together. They are available in steel, stainless steel, and meet various ISO or DIN standards.

Precision Taper Pins

Featuring a round shape with a uniformly increasing diameter, metric taper pins are applied in tapered holes with only one accessible side. We stock DIN 1 or ISO 2339 taper pins made from steel or stainless steel.

Spring Tension Pins

Spring tension pins effectively lock two components together. Also called slotted spring pins or roll pins, we stock DIN 1481 and ISO 8752 precision spring tension pins. Other metric tension pin options are available upon request.

Spiral Pins

Also called coiled spring pins, spiral pins are hollow fasteners made by rolling a metal strip into a coil. They are designed to lock two components together and are stocked in spring steel, stainless steel, or other custom materials.

Grooved Pins

Grooved pins are solid pins with a groove along the length and are intended to be larger than the hole into which they are inserted. Grooved pins are available with a tapered or parallel construction.

Cotter Pins

Metric cotter pins are inserted into a hole to secure a nut, pin, or other object in place. We stock DIN 94 cotter pins made from unhardened carbon steel or stainless steel.

Retaining Rings

External or internal retaining rings are designed to hold components in an assembly. We stock industrial retaining rings made from steel or stainless steel.

E-Ring Circlips—External

Metric E-ring circlips hold a round shaft in place within an assembly or are used to locate components in place on a shaft. Our ready-to-ship inventory includes DIN 6799 E-rings made from steel or stainless steel.

Snap Rings

A retaining ring designed to be used on shafts or in housings, snap rings act as a lip to hold an assembly in place. Our external and internal snap rings are currently stocked in steel or stainless steel.

Wholesale Metric Pins & Rings for Any Industrial Application

Versatile, durable, and reliable, metric fastening pins and ring fasteners from Metric & Multistandard are used throughout a variety of industries. These industries include, but are not limited to:
  • Construction
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Aerospace & avionics
  • And many others!

Your Top Supplier of Metric Pins, Rings & Unthreaded Fastener Solutions

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. is the oldest and most experienced wholesale distributor of metric fasteners and industrial components. We currently stock and are ready to ship over 48,000 high-quality metric industrial components from all five of our locations. Our sales staff is technically trained to thoroughly understand the metric fasteners and industrial components that we sell.

Request a quote to get started. To speak to a sales representative and learn more about our threaded fasteners, please select one of our five locations to contact us:
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