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Tab Washers

Tab washers, also known as tab lock washers, are used to keep threaded fasteners from rotating. Whereas most lock washers rely on friction or a spring load between the fastener and the mating surface to prevent loosening, tab washers bend against the fastener’s side to sustain a fixed position.

Find the Tab Washer you Need

Metric & Multistandard has the tab lock washers and other metric supplies needed to complete your planned project. We support an inventory containing over 48,000 metric components and maintain an extensive catalog, and our representatives are ready to assist you as you navigate your options. Call 888-966-MMCC or request a quote today!

Tab Lock Washer Types

Many metric tab lock washer types are available to match the needs of your industrial assembly. The most suitable configuration will depend on your project’s specifications, regulatory requirements, material needs, and other factors. For more information on which tab washer or other non-threaded fastener best fits your parameters, contact your nearest Metric & Multistandard location to speak with a highly trained customer service representative.

External Keyed Tab Washers

DIN 432 metric external keyed tab washers are designed for use with hex screws or hex nuts to prevent rotation during normal operations. They feature a large outside diameter and a tab protruding on the washer’s exterior. We offer a variety of external keyed tab washers to fit your assembly:
  • A4 316 stainless steel or steel construction
  • Sizes ranging from 3.5 to 45
  • Plain finish

Internal Keyed Tab Washers

Built to prevent shaft nuts from rotating, DIN 462 metric internal keyed washers offer a tab protruding on the inside of the washer to provide superior holding capabilities. Internal keyed tab lock washers are in stock manufactured from steel with a plain finish and sizes ranging from 8 to 50.

DIN 93 Tab Washers

DIN 93 metric tab washers are the ideal solution for keeping hex screws or hex nuts from rotating. They feature a single tab and large outside diameter and provide reliable fastening. Specifications include:
  • A2 304 stainless steel, A4 316 stainless steel, or steel construction
  • Sizes ranging from 3 to 50
  • Plain finish

DIN 463 Two Tab Washers

DIN 463 two tab washers function similarly to traditional tab lock washers but offer a second tab for enhanced holding. They feature a long tab and a short tab separated by ninety degrees, and they are available in a variety of configurations to prevent hex screws or hex nuts from rotating:
  • A 4 316 stainless steel or steel construction
  • Sizes from 3 to 56
  • Plain finish

Metric & Multistandard is Your #1 Source for Tab Washers

Metric & Multistandard is your top distributor of metric tab lock washers, general washers, and other metric industrial supplies. No matter your market, from construction to power generation and beyond, tab washers create sturdier assemblies that deliver excellent performances over long lifespans.
Contact your nearest location to learn more about available metric tab lock washer types and find your best solution. Request a quote to start your bulk order.

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