Metric Internal Keyed Washers

DIN 462 Metric Internal Keyed Washers are a type of tab washer used with DIN 1804 Shaft Nuts to keep them from rotating. Whereas most lock washers rely on friction or a spring load between the fastener and the mating surface to keep a fastener from loosening, Tab Washers are bent against the side of fastener to keep it from turning.

DIN 462 Metric Internal Keyed Washers are round washers with a tab that protrudes up on the inside of the washer. The tab is designed to fit into a slot that has been cut into a shaft and then part of the outside diameter of the washer is bent up into one of the slots on the outside of a DIN 1804 Shaft Nut.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. offers DIN 462 Metric Internal Keyed Washers in Steel. Please contact one of Metric & Multistandard’s customer service representatives at any of our five locations for assistance.
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