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Shim Rings

Metric DIN 988 shim rings are hardened steel round washers that are used in a wide variety of applications to limit excess space and axial movement created by manufacturing tolerances. They are typically used with retaining rings, lock washers, or other washers and go by many names, including shim rings, round shims, and tolerance rings.

Metric & Multistandard is your top source for shim rings and any metric component, hardware, or fastener for industrial assemblies. We maintain an extensive catalog to provide solutions quickly and efficiently for your manufacturing line, building job, or other application. Order today to take advantage of volume discounts on all bulk shim ring orders, or call 888-966-MMCC with any questions. Our experienced team is standing by to identify your best solution.

Specifications for DIN 988 Metric Shim Rings

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. stocks precision DIN 988 shims manufactured from hardened spring steel. Hardened spring steel is an ideal material for round shims as it has a high yield strength, allowing shim rings to bend, twist, and compress before returning to their original shape and providing high-level performances in metric assemblies. Additional round shim specifications include:
  • Outer diameters from 6 to 100
  • Inner diameters from 3 to 80
  • Thicknesses from 0.1 to 3
Other materials, sizes, and configurations may be available upon request. Request a quote today, and one of our customer service representatives will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your options.

Metric Shim Washers to Support Your Assemblies

Shim rings, or shim washers, are found in many metric assemblies and complete a vast range of applications. Typical uses include:
  • Installation on shafts to offset clearance
  • Acting as buffers to prevent damage to machined components
  • Applications in gearboxes and gearing systems
  • Working as spacers to fill extra room within assemblies
  • And much more!
Metric & Multistandard is ready to fulfill the needs of most orders for any industry, including bulk quantities of metric shim rings, or shim washers, and many other metric fastener components and tools. Contact your nearest location to learn how MMCC can keep your facility stocked and production moving as your full-service metric fasteners and related parts and components distributor.

Metric and Multistandard Components Corp.

Metric and Multistandard Components Corp. is the oldest and most experienced fastener supplier of Metric Fasteners and industrial components.  Metric & Multistandard stocks over 48,000 high-quality metric industrial components at all five of our locations.  Metric & Multistandard sales staff is technically trained to thoroughly understand the metric fasteners and industrial components that we sell.  Please click request a quote here.  To speak to a sales representative and learn more about Threaded Fasteners, please select one of our 5 locations below to contact us.