Metric Hydraulic Tubing & Compression Fittings

Metric & Multistandard can supply metric hydraulic tubing in sizes from 4mm outside diameter up to 80mm outside diameter. There is a variety of wall thicknesses that are available, depending upon the O.D. of the tubing and the pressure rating that is required. Hydraulic tubing in Metric sizes is available in Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper and Brass.

Metric & Multistandard also supplies compression type fittings to be used with metric hydraulic tubing. Compression fittings have a nut and a sleeve, or ferrule, at one or more ends. That end of the fitting is placed over the end of the hydraulic tubing. The nut is tightened, compressing the sleeve, which seals the connection to the tubing. Metric compression fittings are available in steel, stainless steel, and brass, depending upon the tubing material that is being used.

The Metric & Multistandard catalog shows the wide choice of metric compression fittings that are in our product line. There are unions, which connect tubing to tubing, connectors, which connect tubing with machinery or bulkheads, and adapters, which connect different sizes of tubing and connectors with each other. The Metric & Multistandard catalog is available online and is a great tool for solving your metric hydraulic tubing and fitting requirements.

Metric and Multistandard Components Corp.

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