Hydraulic Tube Sleeves

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Hydraulic tubing is often connected to other pieces of tubing or to a machine or bulkhead by compression type fittings. These fittings have a nut with a sleeve inside of them. When the nut is tightened, the sleeve compresses on the tubing and seals the connection. Hydraulic tube sleeves are also commonly called ferrules.

Metric & Multistandard carries a wide range of metric-dimensioned hydraulic tube sleeves. Hydraulic Tube Sleeves are available in steel with zinc plating, in brass and in A4 stainless steel. The material of the sleeve normally matches the material of the compression fitting. There are three pressure ratings for the sleeves, which match the pressure ratings of the fittings. LL is for light pressure, L is for normal pressure, and S is for heavy pressure. On several mid-range diameters the L and S sleeves are identical.

Sleeves or ferrules are not generally reusable. It is quite common to take apart a compression fitting connection and to re-use the fitting with new sleeves inside of it.

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