Flange Lock Nuts - Ribbed

Metric Ribbed Flange Locknuts are six sided internally threaded fasteners with a washer like flange built onto them that have a ribbed flange. Ribbed Flange Locknuts are used with externally threaded fasteners to apply a clamp load on an object and the ribbed flange is designed to keep them from loosening under normal operating conditions.

The ribs on the flange penetrate into the mating surface when tightened to help lock the fastener in place. When the ribbed flange bolt is removed it typically leaves less damage behind on the mating surface than the serrated flange bolt.

Hexagon Flange Locknuts can save time on installation since they do not require a use of a separate flat washer or locking component.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. item number W193FL is available from M5 to M16.
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