DIN 976 Trapezoidal Threaded Rods

Trapezoidal threaded rods, also called trapezoidal threaded bars, are metal rods with a continuous trapezoidal-shaped thread across the entire length of the rod. The trapezoidal thread shape makes trapezoidal threaded rods ideal for assemblies where large screw loads are required, such as the lead screw of a lathe or in a vise. Note: although similar, trapezoidal threaded rods are not interchangeable with Acme threaded rods.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. supplies metric trapezoidal threaded rods. Our business is built on exceptional customer service, immediate product availability, and the industry’s best technical knowledge and support. We offer discount pricing on high-volume orders and are ready to provide the threaded rods you need to complete any job. View catalog listing: Trapezoidal Threaded Rod 976 TR

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Available Steel Trapezoidal Threaded Bar Configurations

Steel trapezoidal threaded rods from Metric & Multistandard are constructed from high-quality steel and feature a plain finish. They can withstand high axial forces due to the winder thread and larger pitch than other threaded rods. Visit our steel DIN 976 Trapezoidal Threaded Rod catalog to learn more about available specifications, configurations, and sizes.
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Threaded Rod Sizes

Different industries, assemblies, and projects require different sizes of steel D976 trapezoidal threaded rods. To help you complete all industrial or commercial projects on time, we supply an extensive range of sizes, including:
  • M10
  • M12
  • M14
  • M16
  • M18
  • M20
  • M22
  • M24
  • M26
  • M28
  • M30
  • M32
  • M36
  • M40
  • M44
  • M50

Trapezoidal Threaded Bar Pitches

The pitch of trapezoidal threads allows for greater linear movement with fewer turns on the screw compared to regular coarse thread or fine thread rods. Our standard pitches of trapezoidal threaded rods include:
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

When to Use DIN 976 Threaded Rods

Steel trapezoidal threaded rods are used in a variety of applications, including hand-powered clamps, vises, grates, doors, worktables, and much more. They are quick and easy to install, provide extreme clamping capabilities, and are best applied to lift or lower heavy options. As our inventory is made from high-quality steel, threaded rods from Metric & Multistandard offer mild corrosion resistance, long-lasting performance, and many other benefits.

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