Slotted/Castellated Nuts

Metric Slotted Hexagon and Castellated Hexagon Nuts are six sided internally threaded fasteners with slots on the top of them. The slots are used to lock the nut in place on an externally threaded fastener that has a hole drilled through the diameter the threads. When the slots of the nut are aligned with the hole in the bolt a separate fastener is inserted through the slots and the hole that keep the nut locked in place. The separate fastener is normally a cotter pin but spring tension pins or a threaded screw with a nylon insert locknut can also be used.

Metric Slotted Hexagon Nuts are hexagon shaped along the entire length of the nut with slots cut in the top. Nominal sizes M10 and below are available in Slotted Hexagon Nuts.

Metric Castellated Hexagon Nuts are hexagon shaped on the bottom and round on the top where the slots are located. Nominal sizes M12 and above are available is Castellated Hexagon Nuts.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. supplies DIN 935 Metric Slotted and Castellated Hexagon Nuts in Steel, Stainless Steel, and Brass.
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