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Oval Head Slotted Thread Cutting Screws 7513 G

Slotted Oval Head Thread Cutting Screws have a slotted head that is round on top and tapered on the bottom. Metric Slotted Oval Thread Cutting Screws can be driven with a flat blade screw driver. Thread Cutting Screws are threaded fasteners with a machine screw thread that will cut its own thread as it is driven into an unthreaded pilot hole. Slotted Oval Head Thread Cutting Screws are intended to be used with countersunk holes or countersunk finishing washers and are often used when a decorative finish is desired.

The dimensions of the head are per DIN 964 Slotted Oval Head Machine Screw.

Thread Cutting Screws create chips from the material that they are cutting as they are driven into an unthreaded hole. Thread Cutting Screws generally require less torque to install than thread forming screws and can be used in applications when the torque required for thread forming screws is undesirable. When installed correctly Thread Cutting Screws create a tight fit with the mating part and normally do not require the use of a lock washer to prevent it from loosening.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. can supply DIN 7513G Slotted Oval Head Thread Cutting Screws in Zinc Plated Steel.

Oval Head Slotted Thread Cutting Screws 7513 G