Keensert Master Kit

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Keen-Type Solid Thread Inserts are threaded fasteners that have both an internal and external thread. They are used either to repair a damaged thread or in new productions to provide a wear resistant thread in soft materials. Metric Keen-Type Solid Thread Inserts are installed into holes that have been tapped with a metric screw thread size. Keen-Type Solid Thread Inserts have locking pins that protrude from the top of the insert which can be either pressed or tapped into the hole after the insert has been screwed into a threaded hole.

Keensert Kits

Keen-type inserts are designed to provide strong wear resistant threads to relatively soft materials, such as aluminum, magnesium, cast iron, plastic and cold rolled steel. The prong locking feature provides tremendous assurance that the insert will not back out of the hole due to vibration or removal of the mating male thread. Because certain internal thread sizes have a choice of external thread (Thinwall or Heavy), we add the suffixes “T” & “H” to denote the differences.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. offers Keen-Type Solid Thread Master Kit which is made up of several inserts along with a tap drill, a plug tap, and an installation tool for each size.
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