High Form Knurled Nuts

High Form Knurled Nuts are internally threaded fasteners that are used with an externally threaded fastener such as a screw or threaded stud to apply a clamping load on an object. Metric Knurled Nuts are designed to be turned by hand and are suitable for use only in applications that require low clamping loads. Knurled Nuts have a round head with knurls on the outer diameter that provide grip for a person to use to turn the screw.

DIN 466 Knurled Nuts

High Form Knurled Nuts have a shoulder on them that provides more clearance between the knurled round head and the bearing surface making then easier to hold and turn than low type knurled nuts.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. supplies DIN 466 Knurled Nuts in Zinc Plated Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, and Nylon.
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