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Grease Fittings Assortments

DIN 71412 is the standard for the most common metric grease fittings.  It also includes grease fittings with BSPT / British Standard Tapered Thread.  Metric and Multistandard has two assortments with metric grease fittings inside of them.  All of the grease fittings in the assortments are steel with zinc plating.

The first assortment contains only straight grease fittings, designated “H1”.  This assortment covers sizes from M5 up through M10 in both standard and fine threads.  This assortment also has 1/8BSPT and 1/4BSPT grease fittings in it.  This straight grease fitting assortment has 345 total grease fittings in it.

The second assortment is composed of all three styles of DIN 71412 metric grease fittings. This assortment includes straight grease fittings (H1), 45 degree grease fittings (H2), and 90 degree grease fittings (H3). This assortment also includes sizes M5, M6, M8 and M10, but does not include any BSPT grease fittings.  There are 265 metric grease fittings in this assortment.

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