Hexagon Socket Set Screws-Course Thread

Hexagon Socket Set Screws are threadede fasteners without a head that have a hexagon socket drive recessed into the body of the screw.

Metric Hexagon Socket Set Screws are used to bind two objects together by threading into one object and exeerting pressure on the other object, such as a shaft collar or gear onto a drive shaft.  Socket Set Screws are available with different tips on them with provide different lockng capabilities.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. carries four different styles of Hexagon Socket Set Screws in coarse thread:  DIN 916 - Cup Point Socket Set Screws, DIN 913 - Flat Point Socket Scet Screws, DIN 914 - Cone Point Socket Set Screws and DIN 915 - Dog Point Socket Set Screws.

Socket Set Screws with Brass or Nylon Tip may be available by special request.  Please inquire with your Metric & Multistandard Sales Representative.