Low Head Socket Cap Screw w/ Guide 6912

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. stocks DIN 6912 Low Head Socket Cap Screws with Guide.

DIN 6912 Low Head Socket Head Cap Screws are threaded fasteners with a reduced height cylindrical head and a hexagon socket drive with a pilot recess. The pilot recess is intended to accept a hex key with a guide (Please see our Hex Key with Guide # 6911) which helps to reduce the possibility of the key camming-out and damaging the low head socket cap screw. However, because the pilot hole extends past the head of the fastener DIN 6912 will never be threaded completely up to the head. If you require a metric low socket head that is fully threaded please see DIN 7984.

For information about metric Low Socket Heads please contact one of our sales professionals at any one of Metric & Multistandard's five locations.

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