Thickness Gages, Hole Gages and Radius Gages

Along with the other inspecting and measuring tools Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. also provides Thickness Gages, Hole Gages, and Radius Gages.

Thickness Gages or Feller Gages

Thickness Gages are also known as feller gages. Thickness gages are used to either to inspect or to set very small gaps between two objects that would otherwise be too small to measure accurately without the use expensive laboratory equipment. Thickness Gages often come in sets of several steel leafs of varying sizes that can be stacked together to measure intermediate gap values.

Hole Gages and Bore Gages

Hole Gages or Bore Gages are precision round rods that are used to measure the diameter of a hole. Hole gages can be cylindrical and used to measure or inspect one specific size hole. Or they can be tapered with graduated markings to measure a range of sizes.

Radius Gages

A Radius Gage is a tool that is used to measure the radius of an object. Radius gages normally come in sets of several different leafs that can be placed against the edge of an object until you find one that keeps light from passing between the gage and the object.

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