Calipers, Micrometers & Dial Indicator Tools

Calipers, Micrometers & Dial Indicators are some of the measuring tools that are available from Metric & Multistandard Components Corp.

A Caliper is a tool used to measure the distance between two points on an object. Calipers are available in different styles and gradients which can be used either for simple identification or to provide a more exact measurement.

Micrometers are a type of measuring tool that uses a threaded spindle to provide accurate measurements between two points. Micrometers are generally designed to provide only a specific type measurement such as an external measurement, or an internal measurement, or a depth measurement.

Dial Indicators are used to take precise measurements by amplifying small movements of an indicating probe onto a graduated dial. Dial Indicators are often used to take critical measurements or to check the tolerance of an item. Dial Indicators require the use of a jig to hold the indicator in a fixed position.

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