Pin Assortments

Industrial pins are non-threaded fasteners used to hold an item in place or to fasten materials together, particularly in applications where a threaded fastener will not work. Pin kits are available with components that meet various ISO or DIN standards, are made from a range of materials, and will provide superior holding power in most industrial metric assemblies.

Metric & Multistandard Components Corp is your top source for pin kits and pin assortments. We offer options containing dowel pins, taper pins, cotter pins, spring tension pins, and more. Our products are available at wholesale prices with volume discounts on bulk orders. Call us today to learn more.

Ready-to-Ship Pin Kits for Metric Assemblies

Which pin assembly is best for your planned use will depend on your project’s specifications. To meet the varying requirements across many industries, we maintain an extensive inventory of dowel pins, taper pins, cotter pins, and sprint tension pin kits to match your application’s demands.

Dowel Pin Assortments

Dowel pin assortments contain a variety of straight pins for use in manufacturing lines, OEM productions, and other industrial applications requiring fastening abilities. Versatile and durable, dowel pins can be used to align, locate, or join components. Configurations include:
  • Unhardened Dowel Pins. Unhardened dowel pin assortments are ideal for many applications. They are malleable options available in 38 sizes to match your requirements.
  • Hardened Dowel Pins. Hardened dowel pin kits are sturdier versions of unhardened dowel pins and feature a higher rate of versatility. 21 sizes are in stock and ready to ship.
Dowel pins are also available for purchase outside of dowel pin kits. Dowel pin assortments contain 450 pieces.

Taper Pin Kits

Taper pin kits contain a wide variety of metric taper pins. Taper pins are round and feature a uniformly widened diameter along the length of the pin. They are used to aid in critical alignments, on assemblies that require frequent disassembly, and feature easy installation and removal.
Our taper pin assortments are available in size #1-405 and feature 405 total pieces.

Cotter Pin Kits

Often referred to as split pins or cotter keys, cotter pin assortments are available to help you complete your job on time and within budget. Cotter pins are easily removed or reused, saving your operation time and money. Our cotter pin kits are comprised of components manufactured from either unhardened carbon steel or stainless steel.
Cotter pin assortments are available in size #94 with 850 total pieces.

Spring Tension Pin Assortments

Spring tension pin assortments are comprised of a variety of spring tension pins, also called roll pins or slotted spring pins. These hollow metric fasteners are made from spring steel with a diameter larger than the installation hole. The pin is then locked into place when hammered into the hole. They are ideal solutions for permanently fastening two components together.
Spring tension pin kits are stocked in two assortment sizes: #1481-375, containing 21 sizes and 375 total pieces, or #1481-500, containing 22 sizes and 500 total pieces.

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Metric & Multistandard Components Corp. is the oldest and most experienced wholesale distributor of metric fasteners and industrial components. We currently stock and are ready to ship over 48,000 high-quality metric industrial components from all five of our locations. Our sales staff is technically trained to thoroughly understand the metric fasteners and industrial components that we sell.
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