Hand/Machine Tap Sets TS

Metric & Mulitistandard Components Corp. carries several sizes of Hand /Machine Tap sets.

# PK-40 HSS and #PK-40TIN consists of: Series 51 spiral point tap which is used for deep hole tapping where chips are pushed out the other end of the hole. Series 413 machine tap spiral flute which is used for blind holes when threads are required to run close to the bottom of the hole. These kits include 14 taps size M3-M12.

# PK-370 contains: Series 451 Unipass Tap & drill combination. This combination tap and drill is made off HSS with a 6H tolerance. Kit includes seven sizes from M3-M12.

# Mini -7 contains: 21 piece set that includes SERIES 352 Hand Taps in sizes M1 – M2.6 (3 per size) Taper, Plug and Bottom.All

Hand/Machine Tap Sets are assembled in a metal case.

To find the correct tap sets that suite your needs please refer to the Metric & Multistandard catalog and view all of the sets that Metric has to offer. Please contact one of MMCC’s customer service representatives for assistance in finding the correct tap set to fulfill your requirements.

Hand/Machine Tap Sets  TS

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