Thread Types
Metric & Multistandard is proud to offer a complete selection of unique screw thread types besides standard metric M series fastener thread types. You will find technical information on S series miniature metric screw thread types, MT metric series taped pipe thread types, PG series metric conduit thread types, ST series metric tapping/sheet metal screw thread types, and H series metric wood screw thread types.

British Thread Types

BSW British Standard Whitworth screw thread types, BSF British standard Whitworth Fine screw thread types, BA British Association screw thread types, BSP British Standard pipe thread types, and BSPT British standard pipe tapered thread types.

Thread Identification Chart

Additionally the Thread Identification Chart will show cross references to UNC Unified National Coarse screw thread types, UNF Unified National Fine screw thread types, UNEF Unified National Extra Fine screw thread types, UNM Unified National Miniature screw thread types, and NPT National Pipe thread types.


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